Stand By The Fire – LeiaKake – A music video created while in lockdown in Cyprus.

I love a good BBQ, Braai, Barbie, Grilling or whatever you may call it where you are from. I am from South-Africa and there we call it braai. In South-Africa braai is pretty much a religion practiced by everyone who lived there and has ever lived there. We love it so much we wrote a song about it called Stand By The Fire.

Stand by the fire by LeiaKake is an essential ingredient one will not find in braai recipes. It’ s the only braai theme song you need to be listening to when tossing the meat in the heat. Doesn’t matter where you are from or what you call it, barbie, grilling, braai or BBQ if you love throwing it on the flame then this tune is for you! 

Stand by the fire was written and recorded during lockdown 2020. It’s inspired by all the great things that come with having a braai. Creating this song made us feel closer and more connected to friends, family humour and good times. They can take our freedom but they can’t take our braai!


LeiaKake – Lyrics, vocals and fiery fierceness 

Produced and written by ScheiMeida 

Find Stand By The Fire on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, iTunes, Google play and more. 




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