Visiting Hello Kitty Shanghai Times

Visiting any official Hello Kitty establishment must be like most 5 year olds finding a pot of candy at the end of the rainbow. However, I am not 5, I am 35 and for me it was pretty much like finding a pot of gold!

I have been in love with this little cartoon character (who is apparently a British) and her pet cat since I was a teenager. I got my first Hello Kitty t-shirt in Bangkok when I was 17 and my first Hello Kitty plush in Hong Kong at the age of 21. It is a love that has been with me for many years which has only grown through time.

You could only imagine my excitement when I found out that Shanghai has it’s very own Hello Kitty land called, Hello Kitty Shanghai Times! Nearly as large as 5 olympic swimming pools spread over 3 floors filled with Hello Kitty madness, it can only be described as a kawaii heaven on hearth!

Tickets are roughly 10 EUR for entry and this place of cuteness and joy can be found on  the Sixth Floor, Shimao Plaza which close to People Square.

I highly recommend this for young and old! Go spend an hour and find your inner child and if you don’t manage to find it, at least you will smile.


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