My very own pink princess Mini

Roughly 5 years ago my dad asked me on WhatsApp; “Do you still like Mini’s?” My reply; “Sure I Do! Would love to have a pink one when I grow up one day” 😀 Two or thee days later he was on the move looking for a Mini that we can rebuild into my dream little Hello Mini! It  has taken a while to put it mildly, we needed to rebuild the engine completely along with other hurdles we encountered along the way. After all, neither of us have even rebuilt a classic Mini before, so it was a huge learning experience.

After a long 5 year wait I finally had the chance to see it in real life and drive it! It’s been an exciting journey from start to finish but the adventure with this perfectly suited princess chariot has hardly begun!

Check out the video below:


Also watch a video I posted 3 years ago:


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Filmed and edited by Schei Media

Car built by Racecar Tributes

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