The Grant’s Interview

If you haven’t heard of the Grant’s Greatest Interview In the World then let me tell you a bit about it. A while ago I saw a post on Facebook where Grant’s Whisky are looking for a new global brand ambassador. Now for me being an ambassador for an alcoholic beverage has always been one of my top callings in life. I love travelling, I love working in an environment where you are always meeting new people. I also have a great passion and interest in leaning about wines, champagnes, whisky, liquors and all things adult beverage. Why you ask? It could be one of many things, maybe its because my parents took me for my first wine tasting in Cape Town when I was only 11 years old or maybe its because I love learning about the processes of creating such lovely beverages along with enjoying them, who knows either way I am sold.

Now Grant’s decided to go a much more exciting interview route than the usual, adding challenges for the applicants while looking for someone new and exciting to be their ambassador. There are a few stages to starting the journey, Stage 1 was creating your own cocktail, you could choose to make up to 3 cocktails. Once you made your cocktail you needed to put it on Instagram and then #grantsinterview.

This journey for me so far has been about having a bit of fun and to see what happens, so far I have really enjoyed it. At the end of the day you never know if you don’t try. Below are my two cocktail entries.

Grant’s Whisky – The Plumer 


  • 2 Shots Grant’s whisky
  • 1 Shot Orange liquor
  • 2 Shots of fresh blended ripe plums
  • Put all ingredients in a shaker and shake well. Pour straight up or over crushed ice in a glass of your choice.
  • Enjoy

The Grantus Heat


  • 2 Shots Grant’s whisky
  • 2 Shots Chocolate liquor
  • Fresh chopped chilli (Amount and type to personal taste)
  • Remove seeds from chilli and chop finely
  • Put all ingredients in a shaker and shake well
  • Strain and enjoy straight up

After making and posting my two cocktails I made it to round two. In which you had to make a short 60 second video talking about the 3 essential items you will take with you if you make it to stage 4 which is being one of 3 to travel to 3 countries in 10 days. Below is my entry for this next stage.

So now I will wait till they announce 20 people to go to the next stage, but more about that later. In the mean time, try to make one of my cocktails and let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Take a look at my Instagram for more pictures of my travels

Pictures and video in this blog taken by ScheiMedia

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